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May 14, 2018

OnGuard Top 8 Reasons Hydraulic Hoses Fail

Top 8 Reasons Hydraulic Hoses Fail There are numerous reasons why a hydraulic hose can fail. More often than not, the most common failures are ones that could have been...
Allied Rubber Company
May 8, 2018

OnGuard Hose Handling and Maintenance Tips

10 Hose Handling and Maintenance Tips On-Site and In-House, OnGuard Hose Management services are tailored to customer needs. We create person to person relationships and programs tailored to address the needs of a...
Singer Equities Press Releases
March 2, 2018


Singer Equities, Inc. has acquired Foster Hose and Fittings headquartered in St. Louis, MO.     The business was founded in 1928 and has been owned by Todd Sacco, Dale Schwartz and…

Allied Rubber Company
February 23, 2018

Allied Rubber & Supply Co. Feb. Newsletter — Ducting Hose, Metal Hose

January 2018 TOLL FREE: 800-242-1670 There are five critical factors in selecting the proper hose and ducting for your application. These are: Size, Temperature, Application, Media and Pressure. The superior...